November 03, 2019

FanaticPrintz began as a simple Print On Demand company that quickly grew to become one of the biggest players in the home improvement / wall decor world!

Why We Started?
Many Digital Artists all around the globe are putting their souls into their work and being exploited at the same, Lot of artworks are being sold and Artists are not getting enough credit. 
Our mission at FanaticPrintz is to collaborate and promote artists from all over the world and help them sell their art in homes, offices halls and schools across the US and other parts of the world.
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We’re 1 of the only companies offering cool 5-piece canvases in the US 

It’s never been this easy to turn your living room into the coolest place on the block - perfect for both hanging out with your buddies or enjoying a quiet evening by yourself with a nice glass of bubbly (and perhaps a bit of Netflix & Chill).
Either way, you’re gonna love it.
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