December 19, 2019

David is an artist with a keen eye for the absurd and the sarcastic, which he effortlessly counterbalances with a genuine perspective for motivation and positivity.  His work is heavily influenced by his love for pop culture and music.
Throughout the course of his life, David has explored the vast potentials of various art mediums including, sculpting, wood carving, writing, singing, guitar playing, jewelry design, clothing creation, pencil sketching and of course graphic design.  
David recalls his earliest memory of art began non-other than with his big brother back in the early 90s.  He describes these days as the genesis of his artistic roots.  His brother Chris and him would draw in their matching sketchbooks laying side by side on their mother's identical homemade pillows. Bellies to the carpet and pencils in hand. The creative landscape of choice for these aspiring DaVinci's was muscle-bound self-created heroes shooting machine guns and fighting monsters.
David recalls the biggest and buffest inspiration for creating jacked superheroes was the Van Damme movies that he and his brother were obsessed within those days.  With their elbows digging into the pillow's floral fabric, these two aspiring artists would create masterpieces that they would soon plaster their own bedroom walls with. 
"I always looked up to my big brother as a man and as an artist.  I remember trying to emulate the kind of drawings he was effortlessly creating.  My sketchbook was usually covered in used eraser crumbs and his sketchbook was... well... not!"  
Since the early days of sketching, David's skills continued to grow as an artist.  Branching off into several mediums.  His love affair with the digital art world is going on its fourth year. 
This self-taught digital virtuoso has decided that the word "starving artist" should never apply to anyone!  David has been quoted in saying " To be a starving artist is a figment of the past, in this digital world, all artists have a chance to share their art with the world and all artists should pursue their ever-growing love for art." 
Whether it's motivational, music or pop culture-inspired  David has got something special for you



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